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Amy Black, IBCLC


I am first, and foremost, a loving mother of three.  My second child is frequently the reason I give for getting into the world of lactation.  After a very easy and beautiful journey into breastfeeding with my first, I was completely thrown for a loop with my second.  I finally understood the helplessness that can go hand in hand with breastfeeding issues.


I received my lactation training here in the Washington DC area and was blessed to be able to complete my lactation internship at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital working with our military mothers. As a retired Air Force wife, I have a special love for helping those that are frequently far from home. 

I have worked for over 8 years in a hospital setting, starting in postpartum and then working for 6+ years in a Level III NICU setting.  My special interests are premature, late and early term infants and any that may just need a little more TLC.


I believe that breastfeeding is in the best interests of both of my clients: my mothers and their newest bundle of joy.  However, if you've found me, I am aware that you've reached obstacles in getting to that goal.  Allow me to help and get you to a point in which breastfeeding becomes an enjoyable, loving and healthy experience for you both.


I look forward to meeting you and your little one(s).  Welcome to this crazy journey called parenthood if this is your first!  Congratulations to all of you whether it is your first or your fifth!


Amy Black, IBCLC






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