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Engorgement.  Some women get it.  Some women don't.  For those of you that may be "blessed" with an overabundance of milk and lymphatic fluids a few days after birth, this section is for you.  For those of you with oversupply problems and the continued issue of engorgement, this section is also for you!


Trying to get a baby to latch onto an engorged breast can be particularly trying.   One of my favorite techniques to teach women is K. Jean Cotterman's Reverse Pressure Softening.   This releases the edema around the nipple and areola regions so that the baby is able to latch on properly.   Here is the article with illustrations from Kyle Cotterman:

One of the most successful means of moving lymphatic fluids and milk in a way that releases from the breast is Breast Gymnastics.  Yes, I truly did say, breast gymnastics! 

Please watch Maja Bolman's video below on moving fluids to allow milk to flow, discomfort to lessen and latching baby more easily.



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