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Breast Pumps:
How to Select

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most mothers are able to get an electric breast pump through insurance, although some may still hand out a manual breast pump or require a pump rental.  It can be extremely confusing on what to pick, what options are offered, are they the only options? 

For this, I am going to defer to my awesome friend and lactation colleague, Kassi Reyes, IBCLC from Maine.   Kassi has been instrumental in teaching me how to use all the new breast pumps on the market and is happy to share her YouTube videos on my site.


                                                         HOSPITAL GRADE PUMPS




If you have a baby that is in the NICU, not eating well, needing supplementation, etc., you may need a hospital grade breast pump for the early weeks.  This is a good conversation to have with your IBCLC. 


I work alongside Dalaney Young, IBCLC at New Day Lactation.  We can rent a Medela Symphony should you need or want a hospital grade pump.  The rates are $7.00/day, $30/week and $70/month.  If you need a Symphony breast pump kit, there is an additional $45.00 fee.


                                                           PERSONAL USE PUMPS

If you are heading back to work or are exclusively pumping with a firmly established, healthy supply, you pump here and there, you need to help draw out your nipple, you need a rest, etc., then the personal use pump is typically the right option.  However, please note, not all pumps are created equal and even price tags of pumps are not necessarily the indicator of quality. These are in alphabetical order, not in order of preference.  Also....this is just a small sampling of what is available.







































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